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Massage Services

* M= Main Location,4097 Bedford Valley Road, Bedford Pa. 15522

* TR= Timber Ridge Chiropractic, 210 Main Street, Everett, Pa. 15537

*REF= Reflexions Hair and Nail Salon, 302 West Pitt Street, Bedford, Pa. 15522

Hot and Cold Stones: Both hot and cold stones may be used during your massage as an extra benefit. We always use hot stones. It provides extra relaxing relief to sore, tight muscles, at no extra charge

Swedish Massage: Light circulatory massage that offers wonderful relaxation benefits for both the body and mind.

Deep Tissue Massage: Focus work for those muscles that cause your aches and pains. Our deep tissue massage always, unless you don't enjoy them, includes hot and/or cold stones.

Each massage session includes 10 minutes for undressing, redressing, bathroom use, getting on and off table and short discussion with your therapist. So a 60 minute session is listed as 50 minutes for the online scheduling system.

15 minute: $25.00      M, TR, REF

30 minutes session: $40.00    M,  TR,   REF

50 minute session:$65.00    M,  TR,   REF

70 minute session: $85.00   M,  TR,  REF

80 minute session: $95.00  M,  TR,  REF

Head Neck and Shoulder Massage: Don't have time for a full massage, or new to the massage experience. Try one of our head, neck and shoulder massage to help with some of your tension and stress. 20 minutes: $35.00  M,  TR,   REF

Sinus Relief Massage: This massage is specific to help ease the pain of sinus pressure. It also works great for those that suffer from TMJ pain. Hot and Cold Stones are used to soothe the face and the sinus pathways.

20 minutes: $30.00   M,   TR,  REF

Rotator Cuff Release Massage: Massage specific to the upper body. This is intense focus work for anyone experiencing shoulder/rotator cuff pain. 25 minutes: $45.00 50 minutes: $65.00   M,   TR,   REF

Specialty Massage: This treatment includes exfoliation session with a dry brush and warm compress to the neck.

50 minute session with just dry brush to the back: $80.00  M,   REF

80 minute session with dry brush session to full body: $130.00   M,   REF

Ultra Calming Relaxation Massage: This massage combines an all over Swedish Massage with focus to head and face, as well as Reiki Energy with a Relaxation massage oil by Young Living with a special blend of Essential oils, to bring you the ultimate de-stressing relaxing experience. 50 minutes......$80.00   M,   REF

Pregnancy Massage: The Ultimate in pampering for the mommy-to-be that includes: a customized massage, whatever is causing aches and pains will be addressed, special focus to the feet including peppermint pandango foot cream and warm towels, and intensive stretch mark butter to the belly.............50 minutes: $70.00 M,  TR,  REF

80 minutes..........100.00  M.  TR,  REF

Hand Massage: Attention to the hands, wrists and forearms. No need to disrobe. Great for carpal tunnel, scar tissue, and arthritis............ 30 minutes: $35.00    M,  TR,   REF

Cupping Massage:  This is service helps loosen and soften tight muscles, encourages blood flow.  It tones attachments, and connective tissue and also loosens adhesions from scar tissue. Deep tissue massage compresses the tissue to release knots and toxins, Cupping stretches and pulls the tissue working the fascia especially.  It is a wonderful addition to your self care.  I utilize both the stationary technique, which works accupressure points along the spine and the gliding technique that releases tissue at chronic problem/pain sites for an overall release. 

Add on to any massage or other service: 10-15 minutes $10.00  M,   TR,   REF

Purchase your gift certificate/gift card online by clicking the following link:

Spa Services​        

 RaindropTherapy:    Raindrop is a powerful, non-invasive tool for assisting the body in correcting defects in the curvature of the spine by utilizing the antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory action of several key essential oils. Raindrop treatment can help reduce inflammation, improve circulation, help relieve stress, improve immune function and help facilitate the release of pent-up negative emotions. Raindrop therapy might have a slight warming to burning sensation on some areas of the body. A carrier oil is added to eliminate this when it happens. The essential oils are applied to the feet and the spine. If you are allergic or sensitive to any essential oils this treatment is not for you. We use only Young Living Brand Essential Oils.

Back only session, 60 minutes: $90.00 Full session feet and back, 90 minutes: $110.00        M,   REF

Simply Relaxing Package: This package consists of a 50 minute massage and a Seaweed Wrap...... $165.00  M,   REF

Valentines Day Specials: This package includes a full body scrub with one of the following:

Choose your Scrub: Champagne and Rose, Cranberry, Mango, Coconut Lime, or Chocolate.

Then followed by a 50 minute massage with the same scent as your scrub.

80 minute treatment: $100.00  M,  REF

Sweethearts Special: this includes a 50 minute massage and a foot bath.......$85.00  M,  REF

We Love our Guys: this package is designed with our male clients in mind. It includes a 50 minute massage, a back facial and a ionic foot cleanse........ $110.00  M,  REF

Back Facial: Similar to a facial but bodywork style. Specialized for the back, including exfoliation, scrub, deep pore cleansing, followed, by a mask and back massage.

40 minutes: $90.00  M,  REF

Foot Bath: Treat your feet to our wonderful hot foot bath soak with your choice of soaks.

Milk and Honey soak: $25.00       M,  TR, REF

Pomegranate and fig: $25.00     M,  TR,   REF

Marine Mineral Bath: $30.00   M,  TR,  RFEF

Seaweed Wrap: This consists of exfoliation with dry brush to stimulate lymphatic flow and open pores. Then a seaweed wrap is applied and you are wrapped for 50 minutes. Warm towels are also applied to your feet. Along with lifestyle changes, exercise and diet this is great for detox and cellulite reduction.

90 minute session: $110.00    M,  REF

 Foot Treatment: Hot towels are applied to both feet followed by a gentle foot scrub with our sand and surf scrub, then a peppermint pandango is then massaged into your feet. It softens and rejuvenates.

25 minutes...…..$65.00    M,  REF

Ionic Foot Cleanse: Detox your whole body. Sit in our foot cleanse and let the machine do the work. The method of bathing your feet in warm water while using positive and negative ions from an ion generator to detox the entire body. The method is called electrolysis. The array is an actual iron generator device that is soaked in water to create the ion charges and flows within that solution. It functions by activating the cells, improving your metabolism and detoxifying all the organs, assisting the body in restoring to health, enhance immunity, prevent pathogens and ultimately renewing the body. .......20-30 minutes...…$25.00   M,  TR,  REF

Add on a Herbal Detox Soak..... $30.00   M,   TR,  REF

Add on a Cleaning, Relaxing Foot Bath: $25.00   M,  TR,   REF

 Feet Package: All 3 package deal price total: $70.00   M,  TR,  REF

Ultimate Foot Package: this package includes the Foot Treatment, Ionic Foot Cleanse, Herbal Detox Soak, and the Cleaning Foot Ball...…..approx. 75 Minutes...…..$120.00   M,  REF

Scalp Treatment: Warm oil and tea tree oil mixture is gently massaged into your scalp. Great during a wrap. Please be aware you will leave with oil in your hair.

15 minutes: $30.00  M,  TR,  REF

Purchase your gift certificate/gift card online by clicking the following link:

 When scheduling online it will require a credit card to hold the appointment spot. Even if you are using a Gift Certificate.  Please tell me in the memo that you are using a Gift Certificate.  Your card WILL NOT be charged unless you do  not give 48 hours reschedule or cancellation notice.    Please see first page for important scheduling help!!!.


ADD ON CBD Massage Oil: your massage will include the use of our CBD Massage Oil. This allows for a deeper massage with less overall soreness. It is formulated to facilitate deeper and faster absorption of pain relieving compounds (terpenes). Powerful terpenes (aromatic oils and analgesic compounds) penetrate to pain receptors in the body via the Endocannabinoid System to interrupt pain signaling. It is also infused with camphor and Menthol............ add on for 10..00  M,  TR,  REF

ADD ON Treatments:  Add on oxygen burst= $8.00   M,   TR,   REF

ADD ON Arnica gel and pellets:  gel is applied to damaged tissue such as a bruise, this helps it heal faster, the pellets are put under the tongue to work from the inside. Arnica Montana is a plant and it is great to help heal bruises or bruised tissue faster.   $5.00   M,  TR,  REf

ADD ON: any in stock Young LIving Essential Oil, make your massage your own with whatever scent you enjoy each time.  $5.00    To experience any of these just type in the memo when scheduling online.   M,  TR,  REF

Coming straight from work, and your job leaves you dirty and sweaty, or you just can relax more if you shower right before your massage.  No Problem, utilize our shower before your massage. Main Location only!!  Just leave me a note in the memo when you schedule online and arrive early enough to allow yourself time before your massage.   Available at the Main Location Only.

Coming soon: more treatments including tub soaks and lots more scrubs since we have a huge soaker tub (as soon as it is updated) and 2 showers.

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