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June 20, 2017,   

Two of my biggest pet peeves as a massage therapist are: therapist/spa or facility charging extra for hot stones and the misunderstandings that arise with deep tissue massage. These two things often overlap so lets take a look at each of them seperate  and then together in a couple different blogs so its easier to understand.

 First today lets talk about the use of hot stones and why charging extra irritates me.  Some spas/therapists feel because of the extra cleaning, set up, and electricity involved with stone use they merit an upcharge. In most places that charge extra the hot stones are simply placed and laid on certain areas of the body usually on top of a towel or blanket to protect you from burns and too much heat.  So to me that just isn't extra work enough for the up-charge especially when its usually a pretty large one.  Rarely do you see  the stones used on the body as an extension of the hand. Or if it is it is very limited.  When I use hot stones, I rarely place them on the body. Only on a slight occasion when I feel additional heat would help soften and penetrate the muscle do i let them lay in one area. I use them in my hand to soften and penetrate deep into a specific muscle or tight area.  They are part of my hand, rarely does the person even realize it is a stone. I have been asked many times how I warmed the massage oil so hot.  By doing this I am able to get the muscle softened easier, deeper and quicker for better results faster and  no pain to the client. So here lies my problem with the upcharge. Why charge for something that makes your work easier, protects your hands from the hard work of deep tissue, and also gives the therapists own hands the benefit of the heat on them, and in 9 years of massage practice I have seen maybe 6 people not enjoy the stones. The stones usually are loved, give an added relaxation and enjoyment to the massage and bring people back as repeat clients quicker. So why charge extra?    Here at Massage by Tiffany I always use the stones(unless you hate them) and you will never be charged extra.

Massage, lets face it, is a very intimate thing. First, you are expected to get completely undressed for what usually is a complete stranger, or in our small town of Bedford, Pa, it may not be a complete stranger but someone you know, went to school with. This in itself adds a whole new level of what could be "weird". There are also so many other factors that contribute to the intimacy factor of massage; body images, how society sees bodies, how society views massage, what you expect from your massage, does your massage therapist have the education, experience or training to meet your needs. I could go on and on but what has brought me to this discussion, And we could take each of those things and run with a discussion all in itself, but what we are talking about is the connection you want to have or build with your massage therapist. It is somewhat like why you like a certain hair dresser, or nail tech but because of the intimacy of massage its just a little more. Therapeutic massage techniques and styles are as individual as the personality of the therapist, that performs them. The personality, training, likes, strengths, life experiences, and many other things all come together to make a massage therapist massage just what it is. What I want to educate the public to is, its alright and it should be only about YOU. It is alright to have more than one massage therapist, we have many different needs on each given day, so why not a therapist for each individual need? It alright to hire and fire, massage therapist, hair dressers, nail tech and yes even Dr's if they don't satisfy your need or expectations. What we are all about here at Massage by Tiffany is a client who has their needs for each massage met. Meaning, if you want just relaxation one day, then that is what you get, if you have a pain in the neck that is killing you and limiting your range of motion another day, then we will work that out. Now having said that: Look for more blogs introducing our new additon, Massage Therapist, Tracy Groves, and the difference in her technique and mine.